Interested in a Partnership with Access Analog?

Access Analog is looking to partner with owners, manufacturers, and retailers of analog equipment and open up new servers for public access in the cloud. A new revenue stream can be created by putting your analog gear in the cloud. The joint server(s) would be setup with a public internet connection and administered just like our own existing server(s). Customers can use the existing Analog Matrix plugin to access any server as soon as it comes online. Support for reservations and payment transactions would be seamlessly integrated into the existing Access Analog website.

The partnership provides a shared revenue stream, as well as shared marketing campaigns to increase the reach for potential customers. Retailers can increase sales by utilizing our “Buy” button in the plugin for equipment purchase and capture sales when the customer is listening to the equipment processing their own music in their own studio. Manufacturers can use the joint server to allow anyone in the world to try their equipment in the comfort and familiarity of their own studio. Demoing analog gear is no longer a hassle for you or your customers. You can create your own custom/branded analog chain for the world to use on their recordings.

The plugin has branding graphics that change based on the server that is being accessed by the user. Graphics include a logo area as well as a virtual rack background that can contain a picture of your facility or any other image that is attached to your brand.


If you are interested in learning about partnership opportunities with Access Analog please contact:

The future is here, and the ability to put your
equipment in the cloud is closer than you think.
Contact us and let's get started!


  • Plugin and server software
  • Robotics hardware and software
  • Website reservations and revenue collection
  • Remote and/or local administration and maintenance

The server and internet connection can be physically located at your location or ours.


  • 19″ rackmount pro audio analog outboard gear
  • Boutique units – exposed to a larger audience
  • One-of-a-kind vintage equipment
  • Analog hardware used on notable recordings
  • Tape machines, pedals, and reverb chambers
  • Local maintenance (optional)