Private Installations

Interested in a Custom Robotic Installation?

Access Analog can provide private studios and engineers with robotic control of their analog audio equipment. A custom installation can be designed to greatly improve the usability of your analog equipment by giving the hardware units all of the benefits of the modern digital workflow.

Robotic faceplates designed by Access Analog are installed on each rackmount analog box without any damage to the unit. Access Analog provides a plugin that can be inserted in any DAW and communicates with the robotics over the LAN. The plugin user interface controls the physical front panel of the analog hardware in real time.

  • The plugin control settings are saved with the DAW file, so that all physical analog front panel settings are instantly recalled when re-opening the DAW session.
  • Equipment meters can be precisely tracked and displayed in the plugin interface.
  • Create presets and instantly recall them in any DAW session, and use DAW automation on analog gear just like a digital plugin.
  • Professional installation, remote administration, and local maintenance is available.


If you are interested in learning about custom robotic installations please contact:

Remove all of the frustrations associated with using
analog gear without compromising any of the classic tone.


The robotics allow you to stay focused while making adjustments without moving from the listening sweet spot in your studio. Since robotics are controlling the hardware, equipment can be moved away from the primary position in your studio. The equipment can be moved into another room if desired, allowing for more space and less heat in your studio. Equipment automation opens up exciting new workspace arrangements!

Work faster with more freedom to experiment now that you have full recall and automation with your analog equipment!