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Below is a quick guide and a coupon to help get you started with our extensive collection of high-quality analog gear.

How to Stream Real-Time Audio to Robotically Controlled Analog Gear

Number 1
Create an Account and Download our free Analog Matrix audio routing plug-in.*


Image of Number 2 - Download the Analog Matrix Plugin
Make a reservation on our Reserve page. At checkout use coupon code:**


Image of Number 3 - Connect and Stream Your Audio
In the plugin, connect and drag the unit into the routing panel at your reservation time.***

* We recommend connecting and checking your streaming before making a reservation.

** Coupon is good for a free reservation (excluding mastering chains), and is valid through 3/25/2024.

*** We have live chat available if you have any questions.

How Does it Work?

Real-Time Analog Gear Access and Streaming

Get real-time access to professional analog audio hardware from anywhere in the world at any time with Access Analog.  The Analog Matrix Plugin allows users to reserve a variety of analog gear and stream audio in real-time, ensuring an authentic sound experience. Plus, you get the benefits of full recall, presets, automation, and mobility!

No Emulations

Say goodbye to digital emulations! Access the same high-quality mixing and mastering gear used in professional studios without the hefty price tag.  The Analog Matrix Plugin is a revolutionary tool that combines the unmatched characteristics of analog gear with the convenience of digital technology.  Try the real thing!

One Plugin, Access to Many Devices

Unlike typical digital plugins that emulate analog gear, the Analog Matrix Plugin provides access to a whole suite of real analog equipment, eliminating the need to juggle multiple plugins. The plugin offers compressors, equalizers, limiters, saturators, reverbs, multi-function devices, and more!

Robotic Control of Analog Gear

Users are not just interacting with software; they are controlling real, robotically-operated analog gear located in the cloud. Robotics are attached to each control and precisely track changes made in the plugin user interface, as well as all control automation created within the host audio application.

The Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Transformer shown with robotics attached.

The Analog Matrix Plugin shown with the Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Transformer.  The plugin controls all the robotics attached to the RND MBT.