Altec RS124 (#2)

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Reid:  The ultra-famous modified Altec tube limiter that defined the sound of the 1960’s coming out of EMI’s amazing techs at Abbey Road Studios in London. This box helped shape the sound of the best Beatles stuff, among others.  Full Stop.  Yes, it’s modded.  Yes, correctly, originally (not a kit, not a reproduction).  No, I’m not telling you how.  This one is grey.  There is another one that is green.  Same modifications.  They sound different, because that’s how these things are.


BASS:  Heard of this guy Paul McCartney?  THIS IS THE SOUND OF BEATLES BASS. Hit it HARD.
DRUMS:  Just put a mono drum track (or stem) through this and play with the knobs until it sounds amazing. Won’t take long.
VOCAL:  Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it isn’t.

Let’s face it, EMI had this and the Fairchild 660. You do the math.


Vintage Altec limiters modded across the pond.
Tubes:  Yes!
Transformers:  Yes!
Character:  All day long.