Daking FET III

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The FETIII features Class ‘A’ compressor and gain stage circuitry offering the fast grab that FET compressors are known for with a uniquely clear and defined character. This compressor can be used on a wide variety of sources and is especially good at preserving your low end when utilizing the high pass filter to leave your bass frequencies uncompressed.

The FETIII can be used in stereo and dual mono with a continuously variable blend from fully mono to fully stereo. This feature is one that you’ll want to experiment with when processing kick in one channel and bass in another, or to find the sweet spot when compressing your entire mix. Compression ratios range from 1.5:1 all the way to 20:1 giving you all the options you need from gentle control to firm limiting. Explore the wide range of release times from super fast to a very smooth and natural sounding dual time constant ‘auto’ release. Get the most out of the transparent input and output transformers using the makeup gain for clean gain to bring your compressed signal to life.

The FETIII stands apart from the crowd with its versatility and variable mono/stereo blend, give your audio the gift of Class A compression!

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