DBX 165A Compressor/Limiter

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled DBX 165A Compressor/Limiter Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Note:  Connect to the “Pama Studios” rack in the plugin for this equipment.

The 165A OverEasy compressor/limiter gives the operator complete control of the compression and limiting characteristics.  The choice of automatic or manual attack and release rates provides the ultimate in flexibility.  The control design and layout reflect the concern of the sophisticated user for repeatable, precise settings. The 165A is a classic design that has extensive applications for delicate situations where the compressor/ limiter must be very unobtrusive in use.


  • Compression ratio continuously variable from 1:1 to infinity:1
  • In automatic mode, compressor attack and release times are determined by program material dynamics.
  • In manual mode, variable attack and release rates allow the 165A to be used as an ultra-fast or slower rms-detecting limiter.
  • PeakStop circuit prevents unwanted peaks from getting through.
  • Separate detector input allows compression pre-emphasis and other effects.
  • Each 165A is equipped with matched rms detectors for stereo-strapping operation without the signal-summing errors of conventional strapped compressors.
  • Analog rms meter is switchable to read input or output levels or the amount of gain reduction over a 30dB range.
  • Active balanced input for hum and RF rejection.
  • 24dBv input/output capability.