Focusrite Loopback

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Focusrite Loopback Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Note:  Connect to the “Pama Studios” rack in the plugin for this equipment.

This “device” allows you to stream your audio to the server and loop it back through a simple set of audio cables.  This will include the D/A and A/D conversion necessary for the audio to go through those cables.  This can be used to simply test your audio streaming, analyze the conversion, or possibly add conversion harmonics and artifacts by driving the A/D converter slightly hot.

This device is not necessary when using other equipment.  All equipment will have dedicated A/D conversion and ports that are included by default.

Using the same conversion method throughout all of the RedNet analogue units, Simon worked on getting one to the required level of quality, and then used the same ADC approach across all the units. This not only resulted in the same level of performance across all the units, but also ensured the delivery of similar sonic attributes.

With any digital/analogue system, a balance has to be struck between sonic quality and the noise floor of the system. Simon’s focus was to ensure that the best tradeoff was achieved. One problem with high quality A-D conversion is the harmonic distortion at input levels above -6 dBFS. Below that level, most systems are fairly similar, but because of the way ADCs are driven, there can be problems at higher levels if care is not taken in the design. This problem can be avoided by paying close attention to the types and quality of analogue components used in the driving stages, to ensure that they don’t add any harmonic distortion and to keep the sound clean.