Lisciel ChudyKomp

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The ChudyKomp is the invention of designer and engineer Lisciel Franco and mix engineer Joseph Chudyk. We wanted to build a compressor that was a kick ass stereo Vari-Mu but also an explosive and exciting compressor that could be used on a mono instrument or vocal.

The ChudyKomp is tube compressor with custom wound transformers. It can find it’s place on a mix bus adding that “Fairchild” magic tone or on the drums exploding like an all buttons in 1176. There is nothing it can’t do and it will always add something exiting to an instrument or your mix.

The most amazing feature is the “Chudy” switch. When “IN” it makes the compressor mono by putting the left channel in series with the right, changing the side chain high pass filter on the right to only grab high frequency information. It still maintains independent controls for compression, attack and release on left (stage one) and right (stage two). You can have slow, buttery compression in stage one, and then fast explosive compression in stage two for the perfect vocal treatment. Or both stages set to complete destruction!

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