Pye Limiter

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Pye Limiter Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Hey, you know all your favorite rock records? That great drum room sound?
That was these.
No seriously. Pye made electronics in the UK in the day. Olympic Studios were the first to get them to make limiters and these were used extensively on stuff from Hendrix to Zepplin. Now you know why the Eddie Kramer plugin from Waves looks a lot like these. Or vice-versa.

These are insanely rare and they just sound amazing on drum rooms, drum buss (parallel) and anything percussive. Piano is percussive, acoustic… but the magic is drums.   Ignore the noise gate stuff. Slam these. 

Plugins sound good, these sound creamy.

PRO TIP:  Make a mono (or stereo) drum/bass buss. Run these on it parallel, print and blend. You’re welcome.   

You may not get much of a chance to use these because I’ll probably be renting them all the time.  Sorry.