About Access Analog

Access Analog gives musicians and recording engineers real time access to professional analog audio hardware over a standard internet connection. Audio streams from the Analog Matrix plugin across the internet, through the analog hardware, and returns to the plugin in real time.

For the first time ever, musicians and engineers can process audio in real time using robotically controlled analog hardware in the cloud.  The Analog Matrix works as a plugin inside all major digital audio workstations.  Robotically controlled hardware offers unique benefits not possible before such as full recall, user designed custom presets, automation, easy routing, and simple parallel processing.

Company Information

Company Name: Access Analog, LLC
Product Name: Analog Matrix
Founder & CEO: Chris Barrett
Engineering and Customer Support: Dan Willis
Founded: 2017
Location: Longmont, CO
Patent: # 10,140,08

Press Release and Press Kit

Please use the buttons below to download our official press release, company logos, and product and company images for you to use in print and web.  The logos provided are in a variety of formats for different uses.

Analog Equipment

Access Analog offers equipment from the following manufacturers:

Manley Labs, Solid State Logic, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, AMS-Neve, API, Louder Than Liftoff, and Pultec

We are continuing to add analog gear to our cloud service.  Check back often for updates.

Social Media

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