Analog Signal Processing in Your DAW

Introduction to Analog Signal Processing 

The Analog Matrix Plugin brings authentic analog signal paths straight to your DAW.

In the realm of music production and audio engineering, analog signal processing holds a special place, offering a unique warmth and character that digital processing often struggles to replicate.

However, the barriers to entry, such as the cost of gear, setup, maintenance, and specialized knowledge required, have made it challenging to explore for many enthusiasts.

Getting connected to analog processing typically requires access to a recording studio or budget and space to acquire the equipment.

But, Access Analog bridges the gap.

Access Analog Bridges the Gap 

Enter Access Analog and the Analog Matrix Plugin, a revolutionary tool that brings the world of analog signal processing to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Unlike traditional plugins that process audio digitally, Access Analog sends your audio signal to real hardware units controlled by robotics. This means you can experience authentic signal paths and the distinctive sound of analog gear, all within the familiar environment of your DAW.

The Analog Matrix plugin sends the audio to the equipment and back – syncing the control, metering, and monitoring in real time. It’s real analog processing with a workflow similar to using any standard plugin.

So, if you’re interested in exploring the world of analog signal processing but need access to expensive gear, Access Analog is a great option. 

Advantages of Using Access Analog 

Wide Range of Gear Options 

The Analog Matrix plugin connects you to professional hardware – modern and vintage. With Access Analog, users can choose from an extensive collection of analog gear, ranging from preamps and compressors to equalizers and reverbs. Brands include Rupert Neve Designs, Solid State Logic, Universal Audio, Manley, Vintage Neve, and much more.

We even have complete mastering chains from Infrasonic and Magic Garden Mastering. This diversity allows endless experimentation and finding the perfect sound for any mix. 

Real-Time Experimentation 

One of the standout features of Access Analog is the ability to experiment with different analog signal chains and settings in real-time.

This eliminates the need to physically patch and re-patch gear, saving users time and hassle.

The convenience of quickly auditioning different options is a game-changer for those seeking the ideal sound. 

Addressing the Challenges of Analog Signal Processing 

While the allure of analog signal processing is undeniable, it comes with its challenges.  Analog gear can be more expensive and is often more prone to noise and distortion compared to its digital counterparts. But that noise and distortion are also what many audio professionals desire for a unique sound.  

Additionally, maintaining analog equipment to ensure its proper functioning is a task that requires regular attention. But Access Analog does that for you! We regularly keep the gear calibrated, serviced, and tested to ensure it functions properly. This means you can focus solely on your creative process without worrying about the technicalities of gear upkeep. 

Further, analog hardware is generally much more expensive than digital plugins. Units like high-end compressors and EQs can cost thousands of dollars. With Access Analog, you get the sound of these premium devices without investing a lot of money. 

Stepping Out of the Box 

Analog signal processing is a fascinating and rewarding area for anyone interested in music production or audio engineering.

With innovative tools like Access Analog, accessing authentic analog signal paths in your DAW has never been more straightforward or affordable. And you won’t break the bank or spend hours patching and re-patching gear.

So why not try it and see what sounds you can create? Step out of the box and explore the fascinating sounds you can make with analog signal processing. A world of warm tones and unique character awaits!

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