API 5500

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled API 5500 Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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API 5500 Overview

The API 5500 is a high-end, professional-grade stereo equalizer used in recording studios, live sound venues, and other professional audio environments. With its advanced equalization capabilities, the API 5500 allows users to fine-tune the sound of their recordings, providing precise control over frequency response, gain, and other important audio parameters. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of creative possibilities for engineers and musicians.

The 5500 is among the most highly regarded equalizers ever created due to its signature API sound and flexible design. Find the right combination of filters using the four overlapping bands with the ability to adjust the EQ range to 1/4 or 1/2 gain for mastering grade fine tuning or broad adjustments with the selectable high and low shelves. Just passing a signal through the 5500 gets you ‘that API sound’ from the custom API2503 transformer and the 2520 and 2510 OpAmps delivering +30db of headroom before clipping! Easily compare processed to unprocessed signals using the EQ bypass switch.

With its classic API sound and solid construction, the 5500 is a reliable and powerful equalizer for any professional recording or broadcast studio.  Get the API tone and smooth musical sound that can only be found in analog filters!

Select Features of the API 5500

  • Classic 550b Equalizer design.
  • Two range switches to individually alter gain steps.
  • Usable as a 550b, 550D or 550M.
  • Peak/shelf switch on Hi and Lo bands.
  • True hardwire bypass.
  • Balanced In and Out on XLR.
  • Balanced input on 1/4″.
  • EQ In/Out switch.