Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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The Bricasti Design Model 7  is one of the most popular, versatile, and some would say ultimate digital reverberation units on the market. It provides the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor dedicated exclusively to reverb. A modern high resolution digital design, utilizing a stunning array of the latest DSP processors that provides a unique platform for reverb processing algorithms.

With over 100 factory programs it’s hard to imagine a space that hasn’t been modeled. In addition there are 18 different parameters for each program, such as Pre Delay and Reverb Time, that allow a user to customize their space/program to exactly match the audio. A separate, fully differential analog section, and dedicated transformer based linear power supply provides the finest analog specifications of any product of its kind.  If you’ve never used a real reverb unit then try it once and you will immediately hear the difference compared to a plugin. It creates a unique warmth for vocals and an amazing depth for any musical instrument.  You can take a look at our best practices below before you use the M7 so that you can optimize your time on the unit.

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Best Practices

If you are not familiar with the Bricasti M7 then we suggest you watch the overview video on this page to get an understanding of the operation, menu structure and system options.

The Program button allows you to select from 100+ factory programs. The programs are grouped into types such as Halls, Chambers, Rooms, Plates, Spaces, etc.. You can access the types by using the up/down buttons. From there use the Modify wheel to scroll through the options for that type. Press Enter to execute your program of choice. The Edit button may then be used to modify the parameters for this program such as Pre Delay and Reverb Time. Note all edits are lost when the next program is selected. Edits cannot be saved. 

The Enter button – if you see an asterisk in the upper right part of the menu then your changes have not taken effect. Press the Enter button for the change to be activated.

Users are free to setup the Bricasti for any DAW configuration, however our defaults have been setup assuming it will be placed on an auxiliary track. Therefore Dry Gain is Off  and Wet Gain can be adjusted from Full to Off in 0.5 dB steps. We have defaulted the unit to Stereo operation.  The System button will allow you to change the Audio Format (default Stereo) as well as the Wet Gain (default Full) – When first using the equipment please ensure these are set correctly for your tracks and please restore them to the defaults if you change them during your session.