Chandler LTD-2 “Sterling Mod” (#2)

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Chandler LTD-2 “Sterling Mod” (#2) Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Reid:  So, Wayne’s dirty little secret is that, back in the day, Chandler started out as a shop that modded and racked vintage Neve gear.  This is a stereo pair of 2264’s with original Marinar transformers, racked up, with stepped controls that were a request from mastering legend Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound.  One of the greatest solid-state compressor/limiters of all time. 


MIX/MASTER:  Want some thick Neve transformer mojo with a touch of limiting?  Boom.
DRUMS:  This is a famous snare compressor. Mess around with attack – make it fast. Let it “spank.”  I’d also try it on your overheads or across the entire drum buss.
VOCAL:  Want a little rock and roll? Put UA’s LA-2 on the vocal and then run it through this with a med-fast attack and fast release.
SYNTH:  Try this on all sorts of vintage synth sounds, pads, strings, etc. Slow attack fast release.


Vintage Neve comps dressed up for mastering
Tubes:  No
Transformers:  You bet.
Character:  Glue.  Forward.