Empirical Labs Distressor (#1)

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If you’ve turned on the radio in the last 10 years it’s almost certain that you’ve heard the distinct sound of this compressor. The Distressor has become a modern classic for it’s versatility – from transparent to gritty, slow compression to fast and tons of great sounds between. There’s almost no task that the Distressor can’t handle. This compressor can be a good way to add some additional harmonic content using the distort 2 for second order tube-like harmonics or distort 3 for third order magnetic tape-like harmonics. Check out the Nuke mode for some intense brick wall limiting or flip the British mode switch and tweak the attack for some 1176 all buttons in style grunge. Don’t forget about using the EQ filters for even more control. There are truly hundreds of great sounds to be found from this outstanding compressor!

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