Iron Age Audioworks LH95 Pair

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Iron Age Audioworks LH95 Pair Using theĀ Analog Matrix Plugin

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Overview of the Iron Age Audioworks LH95

The Iron Age Audioworks LH95 is a versatile, high-quality stereo equalizer. It is designed to provide a bit of color and flexibility to a variety of recording scenarios and brings class A inductor tone to your mix.

Three discrete gain blocks are used for a Baxandall low and high shelf and a peaking mid band with six presence frequencies. Add in the low and high pass filters to fine-tune your shelf, letting you get massive bass or sculpted highs.

Drive it hard for some fat tones. Use it as a secret weapon on kick, snare, vocals, and mix bus duties.

Select Features of the Iron Age Audioworks LH95

  • Highly flexible.
  • Discrete audio path and three vintage class A gain blocks.
  • 500 series format.
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs.
  • Inductor mid band.
  • Fixed high and low-pass filters.

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