Neve 1064 (#2)

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Neve 1064 (#2) Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Reid:  IMHO the best of all the Class-A Neve modules.  Better low end and silkier highs than the 1073.  Rupert picks the frequencies for you and really nailed this one.  Classic Neve 80 Series 3-band EQ.  Amazing vintage transformers.  Everything sounds better through these things, even with the EQ flat.

HPF filter:  45/70/160/360. Leave this off (unless you’re making a telephone eq fx)
Low EQ:  35/60/100/220.
Mid EQ:  0.7/1.2/2.4/3.6/7k.
Hi EQ:  10k shelf.

The Hi/Lo switch is in the Hi position. 


MIX:  run your mix through a pair of these. +1 @ 60, +1 @ 10k. Sometimes 35 is the magic tho.
VOCAL:  same as above, sometimes you want to cut 360. Sometimes +2 on the high.
DRUMS:  these into your drum buss, you’re welcome.
GUITARS:  Push 7k and 100 for rock. Try 700 for vibe. This is the one time you might want to use the HPF
EVERYTHING ELSE:  let’s face it. It’s Neve transformer gooey goodness. There’s a reason I own 24 channels of this.


Vintage Neve Modules.
Tubes: No
Transformers: Hell yes!
Character:  Thickness.  Glue.