Neve 2057 (#1)

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Neve 2057 (#1) Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Neve 2057 Overview

The Neve 2057 is a vintage equalizer designed by Rupert Neve and is considered a rare and highly sought-after piece of gear by audio professionals. It is part of Neve’s first generation of combination mic preamp and equalizer designs and incorporates germanium components contributing to its huge sound.


F. Reid Shippen: The 2057 was one of Rupert Neve’s first generation of combination mic pre/eq designs.  These modules incorporated germanium transistors and the legendary St. Ives input/output transformers.  Michael Beinhorn was a massive fan of these, and you’ve heard them, famously, on his seminal records including “Superunknown”, “Celebrity Skin”, and “Mechanical Animals”.  These are, in his opinion, the best drum EQ’s on the planet.
The 2057 is just a line-only version of the 1057.  Same great tone.  So good we have 2 of each.
HPF filter:  20/45/70/160/360
Low EQ:  35/60/100/220
Mid EQ:  0.7/1.2/2.4/3.8/7k
Hi EQ:  10k shelf
DRUMS:  Did you not read the above? Unbelievable. For drums. Also, read the above.
VOCAL:  Use these to put some attitude into a flat vocal. The transformers are magic
GUITARS:  Germainum transistors make guitars sound rad
EVERYTHING ELSE:  This is Neve Class-A with a little more FU.
Vintage Neve Modules
Tubes: No
Transformers:  Hell yes!
Character:  Grain, Thickness, Mojo