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Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled SSL Fusion Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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SSL Fusion Overview

From one of the great masters of analog, the SSL Fusion is a powerful all-analog 2U stereo outboard processor designed for the modern hybrid studio. It features six innovative analog coloration tools that provide the perfect balance of tone, weight, and space to your mix bus or stereo stems.

With its real analog circuits, the Fusion delivers the warmth, detail, and finesse that only analog processing can provide.  It gives you natural-sounding harmonic distortion, smooth eq boosts and cuts, tape-like high-frequency compression, pleasing stereo image control, and transformer saturation for true analog richness!

The Fusion is a great choice for audio professionals looking to add some warmth and character to their recordings while maintaining precise control over their mix.

Be sure to check out our blog post “How to Get the Most Out of the SSL Fusion” for suggestions, tips, and use cases.

Select Features of the SSL Fusion

  • Violet EQ: A rich analogue EQ with gentle shelving filters .
  • Additional harmonics and gradual saturation that emerge from an analog ‘sweet spot’.
  • Wider stereo imaging with more depth via true Mid/Side processing.
  • Custom-designed TRANSFORMER circuit for more analog mojo.
  • Vintage Drive: Non-linear saturation circuit.
  • HF Compressor circuit as a tool to tame unwanted top-end brittleness and restore a natural analog roll-off.
  • 3rd order HPF (High-Pass Filter) to clean up unwanted low-end.

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