SSL XLogic G Compressor (#1)

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled SSL XLogic G Compressor (#1) Using theĀ Analog Matrix Plugin

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SSL XLogic G Compressor Overview

The SSL XLogic G Compressor is a high-end audio compressor that combines the classic sound of the SSL 4000 G Series console with modern features and technology. It is designed to provide a high-quality, transparent compression that maintains the integrity of the original audio while adding warmth and character.

SSL’s most popular mixing console featured this compressor strapped across the center section where the G Comp earned its place as a legend. Control is the name of the game, and the G comp can reign in your dynamics with clean, transparent compression. You can make sources louder without smearing and fuzziness. Get that SSL push you’ve heard on so many records thanks to the generous SuperAnalog circuit that’s better than any algorithm!

Select Features of the SSL XLogic G Compressor

  • Dual-channel design.
  • Variable threshold, ratio, attack, and release controls.
  • Sidechain filter.
  • Stereo linking option.
  • Wet/dry mix control for parallel compression.
  • Classic SSL 4000 G Series console sound.
  • Transparent compression that maintains audio integrity.

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