Starter Credit Subscription

Earn 12 credits each month at a 25% discount with unlimited accrual over time.  Credits can be used on any device. Bonus – get a monthly time allocation on the Daking FET III – 2 hours the first month, 3 hours the second month, and 4 hours each month thereafter.

$9.98 / month


Earn 12 credits each month for only $9.98 with this subscription, a savings of 25% off the standard credit rate (1 credit = $1).  If your credits are not used in a given month, they rollover to the next month, with unlimited accrual.  You get your first credit allocation when you subscribe, so start saving today!  Additionally, you get a monthly time allocation on the Daking FET III – 2 hours the first month, 3 hours the second month, and 4 hours each month thereafter.  When using this device, you will use your time allocation first before using any credits.  Your time allocation is shown in the plugin at the bottom right corner of the device panel.

How Do Credits Work?

Credits can be used on any device.  The average cost for a device is around 11 credits/hour.  The actual cost of a device is based on its retail value.  Credits can be used on the website at checkout to reserve devices, just like a credit card.  Credits can additionally be used directly in the plugin without the need for a reservation.  You will see your credit balance in the bottom right corner of the plugin.  You can immediately insert any available device in the plugin and your credits will be used during the time that the device is inserted.  The credit usage rate is always equivalent to the hourly reservation rate, and it also shown in the plugin equipment menu.  You can use a device on demand for any amount of time and only use credits for the time it was used (i.e. use a device for 5 minutes and only use 1/12th of the hourly rate in credits).  Your total credit usage rate is also displayed for all inserted devices is also shown in the bottom right corner of the plugin.  If you own credits from bundle purchases, as well as credits from subscriptions, the subscription credits will always be used first.


This subscription deposits 12 credits into your account on a monthly basis. The first block is deposited when you sign up and then again on every billing date thereafter. Your billing cycle is based on the date you sign up, and your recurring billing date will be approximately every 30 days after that. On each billing date, the monthly subscription price will be automatically charged to your credit card (Stripe) or Paypal account. As long as the subscription remains active and in good standing, the credit blocks will accrue over time if they are not used.

When the subscription is canceled, the subscription bonus 25% of the unused credits (if any are left) will be removed from the account. If you switch to another subscription, the credits will be transferred with no deduction.  Credits bought through bundles will not be affected by your subscription status. If you own credits through a bundle and subscription, the subscription credits will be used first. The Daking FET III device can be reserved or used on demand directly in the plugin, and the monthly time allocation will be used first before any credits.  If no allocation remains in a given month, then credits will be used after that.