Tegeler Magnetismus 2

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Tegeler Magnetismus 2 Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Tegeler Magnetismus 2 Overview

The Tegeler Magnetismus 2 is a good candidate to be Tegeler’s most versatile device: it was first conceived, among other things, for processing transient-rich signals, such as drums, synthesizers, and acoustic guitars. It combines a modern, flexible VCA compressor with a downstream transient shaper. The result is a thick, rich sound, similar to a tape recording, that helps integrate tracks better into the mix.

Select Features of the Tegeler Magnetismus 2

Transient shaper

This isn’t just about adjusting levels; it’s about rounding out transients in a way that mimics a tape machine. Choose from Eisen, Kobalt, or Nickel Flux Modes for different transformer effects, emulating iron, cobalt, and nickel tape saturation.

VCA compressor

Featuring Threshold, Timing, Ratio, and Make-Up Gain controls, it compresses stereo signals while preserving dynamic range, perfect for that “glue” effect in mixes.


Fine-tune your sound! Adjust the transient processing time window and intensity to shape your sound envelope with precision.

Transformer stage

Add that extra density at the output for the punch your mix needs. Using more extreme settings, the Magnetismus 2 can also be very helpful in creative sound design, by crushing or destructing audio signals; it can be used as a very straightforward drum smasher, for example.

Versatile Signal flow

Use it as a bus or mastering compressor, or process sum signals. The Tegeler Magnetismus 2 adapts to your creative needs.


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