Universal Audio 1176 (#1)

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Universal Audio 1176 (#1) Using theĀ Analog Matrix Plugin

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Universal Audio 1176 Overview

The Universal Audio 1176 is a classic, vintage-style compressor that is highly sought after by professional audio engineers. With its lightning-fast attack time, smooth gain reduction, and versatile range of compression ratios, it is one of the most popular analog devices in the industry.

For 50 years the 1176 has been a vital tool in music production revered for its fast compression/release and warm tone that only FET circuitry can offer. Typically not utilized to be transparent, the 1176 imparts its signature sound giving sources a hefty dose of vibe and character. The amplifiers and transformers in the 1176 offer exactly what engineers love about analog tone. You can even push these into a pleasing distortion that is instantly recognizable – it doesn’t get more classic than the UA 1176!

Select Features of the Universal Audio 1176

  • Lightning-fast attack time.
  • Smooth gain reduction.
  • Musical Class A output stage.
  • Versatile range of compression ratios.
  • Unique “All-Buttons” mode.

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