Universal Audio LA-2A (#1)

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Universal Audio LA-2A (#1) Using theĀ Analog Matrix Plugin

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Universal Audio LA-2A Overview

Experience the warmth and character of vintage audio with the Universal Audio LA-2A compressor/limiter. This iconic piece of gear has been used on countless hit records and adds a touch of magic to your audio. Its simple but effective design allows for smooth and natural compression, making your vocals, instruments, and mixes come to life like never before.

Since the 1960’s the LA2A has proven itself as the benchmark for musical compression. Just two knobs to take you from gentle to aggressive sound shaping. Polish or add grit to a vocal, clamp down a snare, or give a bass some bark – you can’t go wrong with the LA2A’s tube-driven sound.

Get the classic sound of the LA-2A in your studio and take your productions to the next level. You’ve heard the emulations, now try the real thing and see why the LA2A remains the world’s most popular compressor!

Select Features of the Universal Audio LA-2A

  • True to the original LA-2A in design, manufacturing, and performance
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls: gain and peak reduction knobs, limit/compress switch
  • Lag-free, distortion-free optical attenuator system
  • Smooth and natural compression
  • It has a T4 optical gain reduction element
  • Iconic vintage sound
  • 0dB to 40dB gain limiting
  • Balanced XLR input and output

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