Warm Audio EQPWA

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Warm Audio EQPWA Using theĀ Analog Matrix Plugin

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Warm Audio EQPWA Overview

The Warm Audio EQPWA is a high-quality, all-analog equalizer device modeled after the classic Pultec EQP-1A equalizer.

Soak your sound in the warmth of tubes and transformers with this classic, smooth-sounding EQ. You’ll be amazed by how much boosting and cutting this EQ will allow without sounding harsh or out of phase. No other hardware or plug-in can recreate the famous Pultec magic of simultaneous boosting and cutting in overlapping frequencies. Thanks to its inductor-style filters, CineMag input/output transformers, and tube girth, your sound will gain all the benefits of real analog processing.

Warm Audio has earned accolades for offering the most sought-after gear at reasonable prices; here’s your chance to hear it in action!

Select Features of the Warm Audio EQPWA

  • Uses premium grade CineMag USA transformers for input and output
  • Based on the classic “Pultec” EQP-1A tube equalizer
  • Equipped with premium high voltage 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes
  • Cinemag inductor EQ section
  • Bypassable EQ section that still passes the signal through tubes and transformers for a warming effect
  • XLR and TRS transformer balanced inputs and outputs.
  • Boost and cut controls can be used simultaneously for phase effect.

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