Getting Started with the GYRAF G24

In the video below, Maxe Axelsson of Swedish-based Pama Studios covers the basics of using the Gyraf G24 Passive/Aggressive Compressor on drums in the Analog Matrix. The G24 is an entirely new type of stereo compressor – aimed at mixing and mastering functions. Similar to its sister and predecessor, the G23 EQ, it’s for those situations where you have a mix that is already nearly perfectly balanced, but you want to control some part of its dynamic without messing up the overall definition.

Video Transcript: 

Today we are going to look into the G24 compressor and its unique features. Let us jump into the setup here.

First of all, I have loaded the Analog Matrix plugin in Pro Tools as you can see here. Right-click to add and remove the compressor or the units you want to use. Today I’m gonna use it on some drums. So let’s move in and use the preset drum ambiance in active mode.

Okay we’re now in active mode and you have both active and passive on the Gyraf compressor. The passive mode I use most on full mixes on mix buses or in mastering.  It’s a very smooth, nice way to work with your whole mix. But today we’re going to use the active mode. You can do a lot here because the thing is with the controls there’s A and B.  You can control two different settings of the compressor.  A is here (top row) and B is here (bottom row).

So that is the introduction of the Gyraf and now we’re going to look into feed. Feed…okay let’s look into this great control here. First of all we’re gonna start playing around with the forward and back. The back, when I move over this while on A (control setting) – I need to control it on A. A is for me more like the (Universal Audio) 1176, the classic compressor…. Forward is when you can hear the differencehere it is more like dbx 165 – you get more transient passing through the signal path. 

So let us now just listen to the difference here. So we start with the back.

[music playing]

And we move over to forward.

[music playing]

As you can hear there’s much more smack on the snare drum here, as is typical when the signal passing through and the attack of the compressor are not kicking in so fast. So there is a little bit of the two different settings of the feed.


Let us now look into the parameter controller Elliptic. Elliptic is a kind of mid and side compression. But when you keep it as I have it right now straight up, it’s a typical stereo compressor setting.

But we will also listen to the difference, so we focus on the mid of the compressor and the signal part.  So move over to Mid and check the difference. After there we will go over to focus on the side.

[music playing]

So here you can hear a huge difference between middle and side. And the great thing, since we have the controller A and B, means we can run A focus on Mid and B can be focused on the sides.


Emphasis…let’s check out what is emphasis. Emphasis…it gives you a little bit of character on the frequency so listen to the different modes here from Blue over to Pink and pay attention to the mid and a little bit of the treble. We’re starting with the blue.


As you can hear on the blue side it’s a little bit more dull, more darker, kind of thicker but more presence on the mid when you move over to the pink side.

Okay…so that is a little bit getting started with the Gyraf 24.

So have fun and produce a lot of great music.


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