Gyraf G24 Passive/Aggressive Compressor

Stream Real-Time Audio to a Robotically Controlled Gyraf G24 Passive/Aggressive Compressor Using the Analog Matrix Plugin

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Note:  Connect to the “Pama Studios” rack in the plugin for this equipment.

See our post on Getting Started with the Gyraf G24

Compression, redefined. Times two.

So this is just another stereo compressor, right? Well no actually, it’s more like two, and then some. This unit excels at those demanding mixing and mastering tasks where your usual tools fail to get you all the way across the finishing line.

Hand built by Danish audio mastermind Jakob Erland, this unit has re-drawn the map for what you can achieve in the department of subtle corrections. The unit is based on a meticulously designed passive signal path, which has not only one but two complete and separate stereo sidechains. This in effect creates two different stereo compressors, which in turn are continuosly variable between L/R and M/S action. The G24 also has a built-in simplified tilt equalizer, affecting which part of the frequency spectrum will trigger the compression.

On a side note, a rather famous opera house has one of these. It is the only unit known to them that can slightly attenuate the vibrato on a vocal without ruining the take sonically.

We know that this unit is something out of the ordinary, which is why we are so happy to offer you this piece of truly original gear.