5 Must-Have Vintage Analog Devices

5 Must-Have Vintage Analog Devices for Your Studio

Are you looking to add some vintage flair to your studio setup? 

With Access Analog, you can instantly get access to some of the best vintage gear without the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining physical equipment. Using the Analog Matrix Plugin, your DAW audio will be routed over the internet through our rack of physical hardware, allowing you to use the real thing in real-time, right in your own studio!

5 Must-Have Vintage Analog Audio Devices That You Can Instantly Access Using the Analog Matrix Plugin:

The Pultec EQP-1A is a classic EQ used to sculpt the sound of countless recordings.

It’s known for its unique ability to boost and cut overlapping frequencies, giving focus and definition while also imparting a big smooth tube warmth and character to any source. Use it to add some sparkle and air to the high end by boosting a high frequency with a wide bandwidth. The EQP-1A can also smooth out harsh or sibilant sounds by cutting a high frequency with a narrow bandwidth while still leaving plenty of character remaining in the source audio.

The EQP1A excels at low frequency enhancement by boosting while simultaneously cutting in the low frequencies, resulting in thick bass that stays tight and focused.

The Pultec EQP-1A is a must-have for enhancing any audio source, working wonders on vocals, guitars, bass and drums. With the Analog Matrix you can instantly add that classic Pultec sound to your recordings in the most authentic way – with the real hardware! Tubes Rule!

This tube-based optical compressor is another classic vintage gear device. The Universal Audio LA-2A is a must-have for a studio as it can handle any source with its natural and musical compression. It’s known for its ability to apply large amounts of smooth and warm dynamic control.

One of the most common uses of the LA-2A is to compress vocals and make them more consistent and upfront in the mix. You can use a higher Peak Reduction setting to achieve more saturation and harmonic distortion from the tube circuitry, which can make your sound richer and fuller.

The LA-2A is great for enhancing the punch and snap of transients in drums and percussion. Try switching from compression to limiting and hear how the LA2A grabs and reshapes the edge of your sounds. It can also be used in combination with other compressors, often something with a faster attack/release such as the UA1176, to create more complex and dynamic compression curves. Experiment with putting the LA2A before or after your favorite fast compressor like the Empirical Labs Distressor for intense dynamic control that fits in any mix.

Using the Analog Matrix, you can instantly achieve that classic controlled compression and limiting with the tube tone of real analog processing. You’ve heard the LA-2A on thousands of recordings, now you can get that true analog sound you’re familiar with!

The Tube-Tech CL 1B is classic compressor that changed the way vocals are recorded and mixed. It’s known for its ability to compress without leaving any uneven artifacts; it’s pure magic on vocals and can work wonders on bass, guitars, and drums.

Its all-tube design delivers smooth, musical compression without introducing harshness, even when the needle is pegged. Capable of quickly and easily producing radio-ready vocals, the CL 1B is a well-known secret in the rap community. Also revered by rockers, the CL 1B excels at smoothing out bass lines, smashing electric guitars, and getting keys to sit just right in the mix.

The CL1B can tame any source with total control in a very pleasing way that is unique to analog compression. With Access Analog, you can instantly get the rich sound of the Tube-Tech CL 1B right in your studio.

Neve Preamps
1064 and 1057

These classic preamps are legends in the recording industry. They are known for their rich, musical sound, and are perfect for recording vocals, synths, guitars, and drums – anything, really!

The Neve 1064 and 1057 are must-have classic and legendary pieces used on some of the most recognized recordings in the industry. They are also rare and expensive modules to purchase.

You can access both – the real thing, in real time – with the Analog Matrix Plugin. By running your signal through a Neve preamp with Access Analog, you can add a touch of harmonic distortion and saturation to your mixes and achieve a sound that’s more present and full. Get that classic Neve midrange weight!

The Strohm 1660 is highly regarded and sought-after among recording enthusiasts and professionals. A must-have in a studio, it is a rare and high-quality piece of gear that recreates one of the most legendary compressors in history, the Fairchild 660. 

With its massive amount of tubes, and its big, musical sound, it is particularly well-suited for enhancing busses, vocals, bass, and drums. And it is well known for its sweet, lush tone and overall versatility.

Connect to a real Strohm 1660 using the Analog Matrix Plugin, and get that classic vintage sound without the cost and hassle of owning this fragile physical unit.

With Access Analog, you can instantly connect to some of the best vintage gear without the burden of owning and maintaining physical equipment. By using this plugin, you can run your DAW audio through our rack of physical hardware and use the real thing right in your studio! The best part? Access Analog takes care of all the maintenance, so you can focus on making music.

But that’s not all – Access Analog makes it possible to have presets with analog gear. Unlike traditional analog gear, which requires manual adjustments and patching, Access Analog allows you to patch together different pieces of gear with a plugin format and save preset chains. This means you can easily recall your favorite settings and signal chains, and experiment with different combinations of vintage gear to find the perfect sound for your recordings.

These 5 must-have vintage analog devices are a great place to start. Whether you’re recording vocals, guitars, or drums, these are sure to add warmth, depth, richness, and character to your recordings. So why wait? Try Access Analog today and start making music with some of the best vintage gear in the business.

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