5 Must-Have Vintage Analog Devices

5 Must-Have Vintage Analog Devices - Blog Thumb

Are you looking to add some vintage flair to your studio setup?  With Access Analog, you can instantly get access to some of the best vintage gear without the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining physical equipment. Using the Analog Matrix Plugin, your DAW audio will be routed over the internet through our rack […]

Analog Saturation in Modern Music Production

Image of Analog Tubes

Add Warmth and Character to Your Mixes In today’s pristine digital audio world, artists, engineers, and producers are often seeking the unique sound of analog saturation for the soft compression, harmonics, and distortion that can provide a variety of benefits. Analog saturation is highly coveted in modern production, often associated with words like “warm,” “round,” […]

The Flavor of Analog Sound

Maxe Axelsson

Ready to access real analog sound?  In the video below, Maxe Axelsson of Swedish-based Pama Studios talks about how Access Analog has helped bring the sound of analog into his digital workflow.  Access to real analog gear in the cloud is a game changer for those looking to add that analog flavor to their mixes. […]