The Flavor of Analog Sound

Ready to access real analog sound?  In the video below, Maxe Axelsson of Swedish-based Pama Studios talks about how Access Analog has helped bring the sound of analog into his digital workflow.  Access to real analog gear in the cloud is a game changer for those looking to add that analog flavor to their mixes.

Through Access Analog’s partnership with Pama Studios, you can now access the Tube-Tech CL1B, Strohm 1660 Compressor, SPL Tube Vitalizer, DBX 165A Compressor/Limiter, Smart Research C2 Stereo Compressor, Gryraf G24 Passive/Aggressive Compressor, and the Focusrite Loopback.

Video Transcript: 

“A cool thing with Access Analog when I saw it the first time, is just how I can bring in the flavor of the analog style into my digital workflow.

So all this kind of classic sound, it’s always when you get into this old cool analog stuff, it’s about character. And that’s what I love with the Access Analog concept. Even when you produce a lot in the digital world, I think to get that special flavor is very cool – to get a sound like the old cool bands like Stones, Fleetwood Mac and all the great other pop bands and stuff like that.” 

About Maxe Axelsson and Pama Studios

Pama Studios was founded in 1988 by Maxe Axelsson. From being a vision back then, it has grown into a successful record & production company in the Swedish music industry. 

Pama Studios has produced music for bands, artists, labels etc for over 25 years. Today they are a one-stop studio for music production, film mixing, dubbing, sound editing, and video editing. They have a lot of experience working with projects worldwide and their producers have a good habit of taking a holistic approach to the productions.

Mankan Sedenberg started at Pama 1992 and has produced hundreds of productions since then. Mankan is today the head of the studios and handles all the A&R for Hardrock, Metal, and Punk. 

Thomas Karlsson or ”TK” entered the company in 2002 working with marketing/PR on various projects. As time passed he moved his focus to publishing and songwriting. Today he’s involved in many of the in-house projects at Pama and taking on a senior advisor role in developing songwriting with up-and-coming artists / producers.

Get the Sound of Analog!

Access Analog connects your audio to real analog hardware in the cloud. Use our Analog Matrix plugin to mix and master audio through analog processors. Get real time monitoring and control of professional analog equipment from your DAW. Enhance your analog workflow with the benefits of full recall, presets and automation. Drag and drop to create custom signal chains in the virtual rack where real analog rack equipment takes care of the patching for you. Now you can get real analog tone with the convenience of a plugin!

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