Get real-time access to professional analog audio hardware from anywhere in the world with Access Analog!

Your Analog Studio in the Cloud!

Image of the Rack of Analog Gear for Mixing and Mastering in the Cloud

Your Personal Robot Army!

We designed and built robotics that give you real time control of the equipment. When you control a knob in the plugin, robotics change the physical knob at our rack in the cloud.

Photo of Robotics Attached to Analog Gear
Image of Analog Matrix Plugin - Connecting You to Analog Gear in the Cloud

The Analog Matrix Plugin

Introducing a new modern workflow with real analog processing. Use the Analog Matrix plugin to stream audio in real time to our rack of professional equipment. No emulations allowed.

Gearhead? We Got You Covered.

Universal Audio, SSL, API, Pultec, AMS Neve, and more now available. Directions: (1) insert plugin. (2) connect.

Collage of Analog Gear - SSL Fusion, Rupert Neve, Manley Labs, 1176, Empirical Labs, API, LA2A, PYE Limiter, and More


Start by trying the service with no strings attached and full functionality by using the Daking Comp II and Iron Works LH95 absolutely FREE!

Number 1

Create an account and download our free Analog Matrix audio routing plug-in.

Image of Number 2 - Download the Analog Matrix Plugin

Load the Analog Matrix plugin onto a track like you would any other audio processing plug-in.

Image of Number 3 - Connect and Stream Your Audio

Connect and drag the unit into the routing panel. Your audio will stream through the unit located in Colorado!

What Do You Get With Access Analog?

Unbelievable Value.

Analog sound at a fraction of the price.

Treat Your Audio to Analog.

Hear the difference analog makes for yourself.

Easy Access

Reservations with cash or credit.  Immediate, on demand with credits.

How Mixing and Mastering in the Cloud Works

Image Showing How Mixing and Mastering in the Cloud Works

Access Analog gives musicians and recording engineers real time access to professional analog audio hardware over a standard internet connection. Audio streams from the Analog Matrix plugin across the internet, through the analog hardware, and returns to the plugin in real time.*

Access Analog provides the full functionality of the most desired professional audio hardware in the industry while adding the benefits of full recall, presets, automation, and mobility that until now have only been available in software plugins.

Image Showing the Robotics Attached to Analog Gear

The Analog Matrix plugin remotely controls the physical knobs, buttons, and switches on the audio hardware.  Robotics are attached to each control and precisely track changes made in the plugin user interface, as well as all control automation created within the host audio application.

Meters and indicators are precisely tracked and displayed in the plugin interface exactly at it exists on the hardware, in sync with the audio.  All of our robotics are attached to the external surface of the unit.  The hardware enclosure is never opened and remains in original condition.

Image of the Analog Matrix Plugin used to Connect to Real Analog Gear Online, in the Cloud

Use the Analog Matrix plugin to build your ultimate hardware signal chain by connecting as many pieces of equipment as you need in any order you like.  Add, remove, and reorder hardware units in the chain in real time while listening to the effect on the audio. The system will intelligently route the audio seamlessly.

When you have decided on your desired settings, record the processed audio as it streams from the hardware to your recording software. You can capture processed audio from the Analog Matrix plugin in real time or choose offline rendering.

*US Patent No. 10,140,087 , Canadian Patent No. 3,018,513, EU Patent No. 3433721*

What Are You Waiting For?

You have heard and used emulations, and now you can use the real thing.

Pro studios have enjoyed exclusive access to this mixing and mastering equipment, and now you can too!

Change the way you produce music today