How It Works

Access Analog gives musicians and recording engineers real time access to professional analog audio hardware over a standard internet connection. Audio streams from the Analog Matrix plugin across the internet, through the analog hardware, and returns to the plugin in real time.*

API 5500

Use the Analog Matrix plugin to build your ultimate hardware signal chain by connecting as many pieces of equipment as you need in any order you like.  Add, remove, and reorder hardware units in the chain in real time while listening to the effect on the audio. The system will intelligently route the audio seamlessly.

Black Box HG-2
Black Box HG-2

The Analog Matrix plugin remotely controls the physical knobs, buttons, and switches on the audio hardware.  The audio hardware meters and indicators are precisely tracked and displayed in the plugin interface in real time.  The hardware is unaltered and remains in original condition.

SSL Fusion by Solid State Logic

Finally, when you have decided on your desired settings, record the processed audio as it streams from the hardware to your recording software. You can capture processed audio from the Analog Matrix plugin in real time or choose offline rendering.

Access Analog provides the full functionality of the most desired professional audio hardware in the industry while adding the benefits of full recall, presets, automation, and mobility that until now have only been available for digital software simulations.

*US Patent No. 10,140,087*



Easy to Install Plugin
Connect to Real Analog Hardware From Anywhere
Familiar, Modern and Intuitive Interface


Full Recall and Presets
Easily Add, Remove and Change Order
Allows For Real Time or Offline Capture


Authentic Analog Tone of True Analog Processing
Used by Top Industry Professionals
Heard on Classic Recordings


Full Remote Control of Real Analog Hardware
Monitor and Adjust in Real Time
Design Your Own Custom Hardware Chain

Get Started

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    Before you get started, make sure you meet the system requirements. You can find the requirements, a user manual, frequently asked questions and more on our support page.
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    Once you’ve met the system requirements, you can reserve your session.  Simply select the equipment that you would like to use, then select the desired date and time slot and submit payment.
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    Once you have booked and paid for your session, just download the free plugin for the equipment you’ve selected, then install and insert the plugin in your audio track and enjoy.