Vintage Gear – Treat Your Mix Right with Access Analog

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Vintage Gear - Treat Your Mix Right with Access Analog

The image above shows the Analog Matrix Plugin loaded up with vintage gear.  The plugin gives you real-time access to real, robotically controlled vintage gear from anywhere!

Access Analog offers a unique service that allows users to access authentic vintage gear right in their DAW by routing audio into actual physical audio units controlled by robotics.

This provides you with the warm, rich sound of vintage gear without the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining physical equipment. Plus, you get the conveniences of robotic controls like full recall, presets, stereo-linking controls, and more.

Robot Lemon Vintage Gear Collection

Access Analog offers access to equipment from Robot Lemon Studios in Nashville.  This gear includes rare pieces like the Neve 1064 and 1057 preamps, the Neve 2057 equalizer, the PYE limiter, and the Chandler Ltd-2 compressor.

Neve 1064

Neve 1064 - Vintage Analog Gear

The Neve 1064 is an iconic, Class A discrete, vintage-style equalizer and microphone preamplifier. It’s known for providing the warm, analog sound that made the Neve name famous. It’s perfect for adding depth and character to any recording, from vocals to guitar to drums and more.

Experience the classic vintage Neve sound with this versatile and powerful analog EQ. Whether you’re recording vocals, guitars, drums, or keyboards, the Neve 1064 can shape your tone with organic musicality. It’s known for its classic vintage analog sound, a must-have for adding rich character.

Neve 1057

Neve 1057 - EQ, Mono, Vintage Gear

The Neve 1057 is renowned for its unique sound, particularly for recording drums. This unit has excellent character – Grain, Thickness, Mojo!  It also excels on guitar and vocals. The Neve 1057 is rare and quite difficult to find for sale.

The 1057 was one of Rupert Neve’s first generation of combination mic pre/eq designs.  These modules incorporated germanium transistors and the legendary St. Ives input/output transformers.  Michael Beinhorn was a massive fan of these, and you’ve heard them, famously, on his seminal records, including “Superunknown,” “Celebrity Skin,” and “Mechanical Animals.”  These are, in his opinion, the best drum EQs on the planet.

Neve 1058

Neve 1058 - EQ, Mono, Vintage Analog Gear

The Neve 1058 was one of Neve’s first Germanium microphone preamp/equalizer designs.  It has some of the same basic circuitry as the Neve 1057, with high and low fixed-frequency cut/boosts and switchable mids. It is an extremely rare Neve module.

What makes these unique is that they have no input transformers, and the output transformers are Marinairs, which were designed for later modules like the 1073.  This weirdness gives them a completely different sonic character than the usual 1058 (which sound similar to the 1057). Due to their gritty, dark coloration and unusual midrange presence, they are perfect for bass and guitar.  Beinhorn, again, used these exclusively on the bass and guitars for Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” album.  There were several faceplate variations – these are the “Neve grey” versions.

Neve 2057

Neve 2057 - EQ, Mono, Vintage Analog Gear

The Neve 2057 is a vintage equalizer designed by Rupert Neve and is considered a rare and highly sought-after piece of gear by audio professionals. It is part of Neve’s first generation of combination mic preamp and equalizer designs and incorporates Germanium components contributing to its huge sound.

Once again, Michael Beinhorn was a massive fan of these Neve modules, and you’ve heard them, famously, on his seminal records including “Superunknown”, “Celebrity Skin”, and “Mechanical Animals”.  As with the 1057s, these are some of the best drum EQs around!

PYE Limiter

Pye Limiter - Compressor/Limiter, Stereo, Vintage Analog Device

The PYE Limiter is a very rare vintage classic compressor limiter that was made in England by PYE TVT LIMITED.  It was an essential part of the British sound of the classic rock era and saw extensive use at London’s Olympic Studios during the golden era of rock recording in the late 60s.  It’s known for its thick, rich gluey sound and outstanding on just about anything!

These are insanely rare, and they just sound amazing on drum rooms, drum buss (parallel), and anything percussive. Piano is percussive, acoustic… but the magic is drums.

Chandler LTD-2

Chandler LTD-2 "Sterling Mod"

The Chandler LTD-2 “Sterling Mod” Compressor Limiter is a high-end analog audio processing device based on the 2254 compressor, which is the class A predecessor to the 2264 and 33609. It is a modified version of the classic Chandler Limited LTD-2 compressor limiter, featuring custom modifications by renowned audio engineer Michael Sterling.

You’ll love how the LTD-2 Sterling Mod delivers the warmth and character of vintage analog gear! One of the greatest solid-state compressor/limiters of all time!

Robot Lemon Studios

Reid Shippen in his studioReid Shippen is a renowned mixing engineer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum. He is the owner of Robot Lemon Studios in Nashville, where he has mixed and produced countless hit records. Reid has written descriptions with some suggestions on each product page of the gear discussed above – check them out they are great!

To date, he has mixed 10 Grammy-winning projects. He’s also won numerous other accolades, including multiple nominations for the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Association Awards. His expertise and attention to detail have made him a highly sought-after engineer in the music industry, and his work has helped to shape the sound of modern country and rock music.

Neve Vintage Preamps Highlight

The Neve preamps available through Access Analog are highly sought-after pieces of vintage gear that are prized for their warm, rich sound and ability to add character and depth to recordings. Here are some examples of how you can use the Neve preamps to enhance your recordings. Don’t forget, this is from the comfort of your favorite DAW using our Analog Matrix Plugin.

Neve 1064 and 1057

Vocals: One of the most common uses for Neve preamps is on vocals. The Neve 1064 and 1057 preamps are known for their ability to add warmth and presence to vocal recordings. By running your microphone signal through a Neve preamp, you can add a touch of harmonic distortion and saturation that can help your vocals cut through the mix and sound more present and full.

PRO TIP! One of the distinctive characteristics of the Neve 1064 is its midrange frequency response, which is known for its ability to add thick presence to vocals. To make the most of this, try boosting the midrange frequencies in your vocal recordings using the Neve 1064’s EQ. A good starting point might be to boost around 1.5 kHz to 2.5 kHz, which can help your vocals cut through the mix. However, as with all EQ adjustments, it’s important to use your ears and adjust the settings to suit the specific needs of your recording.

Guitars: Neve preamps are also popular for use on guitar recordings. By running your guitar signal through a Neve preamp, you can add richness and depth to your tone with that recognizable Neve girth in the midrange frequencies. Depending on the specific Neve model you’re using, you can dial in a range of tones, from clean and clear to overdriven and distorted. With the Analog Matrix plugin, it’s easy to swap pieces of vintage gear in and out of your rack in real time!

Drums: Neve preamps are also great for use on drum recordings. By running your drum mics through a Neve preamp, you can add punch and presence to your drum sound. The Neve 1064 is especially popular for use on kick and snare drums, as it can add a nice amount of weight and snap to these sounds.

Bass: To use the Neve 1057 on a bass track, start by boosting the low end with the EQ section. Experiment with the drive and gain controls to find the right level, and consider using the phase flip button to fine-tune the phase relationship with other instruments in the mix. As always, use your ears and adjust the settings to suit the specific needs of your recording.

Overall, the Neve preamps available through Access Analog are versatile tools that can add a lot of character to your recordings. By experimenting with different signal chains and settings, you can find the perfect sound to enhance your music. These units are not easy to find, and they usually go for 4k to 5k a piece.

Try Access Analog Today

Image of Access Analog RackWhether you’re recording vocals, drums, guitars, or any other instrument, Access Analog’s vintage gear collection offers many options to explore. And with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of using the plugin, it’s never been easier to get that classic vintage sound in your recordings.

By using the Access Analog plugin to route audio through these vintage units, you can experiment with different signal chains and settings in real time without having to physically patch and re-patch gear. It works just like a plugin and allows for easy comparison of different options to find the perfect sound.

Use the Analog Matrix Plugin to build your ultimate hardware signal chain by connecting as many pieces of equipment as you need in any order you like.  Add, remove, and reorder hardware units in the chain in real-time while listening to the effect on the audio. The system will intelligently route the audio seamlessly. When you have decided on your desired settings, record the processed audio as it streams from the hardware to your recording software. You can capture processed audio from the Analog Matrix plugin in real-time or choose offline rendering.

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