Q&A Session with Joshua Sadlier-Brown

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About Joshua Sadlier-Brown

We recently had a chance to speak with Joshua Sadlier-Brown, a uniquely talented Producer and Engineer currently based in LA.

Joshua is extremely adaptable and versatile – he can effortlessly pivot from Recording Engineer, Producer, Mix Engineer, and Instrumentalist in just about any style, studio, or project.

If it calls for working all in the box or running a console and a patchbay, he can make it sound great.

Since Joshua is someone who sometimes moves around between studios, we connected him to Access Analog so that he can have some of his favorite equipment available from anywhere at any time.

What’s Your Background Story?

I got my start as an Assistant Engineer in New York City. I was lucky to assist some really great tracking and mix engineers. Eventually, I was in a position to engineer a lot of the projects that were coming through the studio. Analog gear, at this time, was still the main tool being used by the professionals I encountered. It was unusual to find a studio that didn’t have an 1176, LA-2a, a Distressor etc.

How Do You Use Access Analog For Your Music Development?

I use Access Analog for the broad strokes when mixing. Generally, after I get an idea of what the mix is going to be, I’ll process some of the key elements: lead vocal, bass, snare, kick, or an important harmonic instrument in the arrangement. I love how easy it is to switch between pieces – It makes it fun and easy to experiment with different sounds and combinations.  And you don’t have to worry about recalls since the plugin saves your settings!

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Access Analog Gear?

Distressors seem to work on anything, the Pultec EQs are really cool sounding. The Chandler compressors are amazing. I find myself using a lot of saturation these days so the HG-2 and SSL Fusion are really fun. 

What’s Your Favorite Access Analog Equipment Chain?

Hard to choose one, there are so many good options. That said, I think you could get almost anything done with a Distressor, Pultec and HG-2. 

What Would You Recommend For Others Getting Started With Access Analog? Tips?

There isn’t anywhere else you can switch so easily, and compare the sounds of these classic devices. Don’t be shy! 

Anything Else You Would Like to Say?

I’d like to thank Ryan and Chris for having me, and for their incredible work bringing access analog to life. They made something really special.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Q&A by Joshua Sadlier-Brown.

We love learning about Access Analog users and having them share their stories. We hope you do too!

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